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Forms2Docs allows small businesses to automatically create important PDF and Word documents (proposals, contracts, inspection reports, ...) in minutes using pre-established form and document rules. Our document configuration software helps you serve your customers better.

“Our company needed an improved way for our clients to easily enter their annual tax information and automatically generate a multipage Tax Organizer document for our use. Forms2Docs document creation software has done this and more. Our clients are no longer frustrated with the cumbersome and non-web-based Excel spreadsheet we had been using. Ron and his team were terrific to work with!”
Dan Duncan, CPA, Tax Principal
CDH Corporation

Forms2Docs Features

Configure PDF and Word documents by simply filling out your custom, rule-based forms

Document creation software example

Use on PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones with only web browser 

Document creation app on a mobile device

Search and filter on attributes to find documents

Forms2Docs document creation software screenshot

Store, edit, and copy documents as needed

Document List in Forms2Docs

Upload related files to documents

Uploading files to Form2Docs document creation app

Process documents by using statuses and user permissions

Forms2Docs helps small businesses to automate their handling of important documents

Allow select users to view and edit other users’ documents

Forms2docs helps small businesses to collaborate on important documents

Pre-register users or allow your users to self-register

Document creation software used by field sales people

Multilingual functionality allows users to use Forms2Docs in other languages

Japanese tax organizer created with Forms2Docs

Users can fill out  forms in their native language while the document can be  generated in English

Online forms in multiple languages

Secure AWS Cloud Hosting

Document creation software on AWS cloud services

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) option

Forms2Docs two factor authentication (2FA)

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