Forms2Docs is a cost effective, performant, SaaS platform simplifying data capture and automating document configuration. Check out the videos below to see how the intuitive and clean UI provides a positive user experience, guiding users through selections, entries, and document-related activities.

Document Configuration, simple as 1,2,3.

  1. Complete the Form
  2. Build the Document
  3. Take Action

Our customers are organizations in the SMB market who need three things:

  1. Capture customer information or product / service requirements
  2. Automatically configure documents based on this captured information
  3. Ability to edit, copy, share, and securely store the documents generated.

Before and After

Before using Forms2Docs rule-based document configuration platform, businesses are challenged with manual document creation, being resource dependent on their subject-matter-experts, and prone to making mistakes.

After implementing Forms2Docs, businesses can ensure accurate and higher quality documents, improve the efficiency and productivity of their internal teams, enable customers to self-serve, and increase customer satisfaction.

Simple example of Form AND Doc Rules

Rules are used in both the Form and the Document.

Form rules guide users through the process of completing the form, ensuring all the necessary information is captured and initiating the configuration of the Document.

Document rules automatically transform the information collected in the Form so the correct wording, sections, etc. are included in the right area of the configured Document.

How we help attorneys and law firms

Law firms are paperwork intensive. The process of documenting transactions, agreements, board meeting minutes, decisions, judgments, etc. is mission critical and time-consuming without the right subject-matter-experts or automation.

The Forms2Docs document configuration platform enables attorneys and law firms to streamline their process of collecting client information and automating the creation of the resulting necessary documents.

Rules and logic within the intelligent forms and documents allow for non-subject-matter-experts to configure content-accurate documents. Firms can respond faster to clients by empowering clients to self-serve and/or enabling internal people to be more productive.

Overview presentation

Common business challenges before using Forms2Docs, our value proposition, why Forms2Docs is the right rule-based document configuration platform for the right companies, and information about Paperwork Pros, the maker of Forms2Docs.

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All customers get unlimited users. This allows you to extend to whomever you choose, internal users or your customers.

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Forms2Docs is part of Paperwork Pros, Inc. based out of Oak Brook, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

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