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Forms2Docs is innovative document automation software. Transform how your organization creates, manages, and electronically signs your important documents such as agreements, statements of work, inspections, and proposals. Cloud-based and error-free document automation from any device.
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Use Forms2Docs not brute force

Manual processes will suck the fun out of any business and burn out your team. Transform the way you configure and generate your most important, complex, and time-sensitive business documents by using our rule-based document configuration software.

Forms2Docs enterprise document automation software starts with the use entering information into a rule-based form.
STEP 1 - rule based form

Users simply fill out an intelligent form and select the 'Build' button

Forms2Docs forms include rules and logic that guide users through the process of document configuration. This allows fast and accurate generation of your important business documents by a much broader group of users. Users of our enterprise document automation software include your office staff, field personnel, prospects, and customers.

STEP 2 - Rule based Document Generation

Form selections and entries are converted to the perfect document

Forms2Docs allows your company to configure and generate documents such as proposals, contracts, and customer-facing reports in minutes instead of hours. No longer rely on knowledgeable employees to manually produce these. During the setup of Forms2Docs, we work with you to define how your targeted documents should look. We then determine the rules and logic necessary to dynamically configure and build each document based on user entries within the Form2Docs form.

Forms2Docs uses document logic to efficiently accomplish robust document configuration.
With Forms2Docs, document automation continues even after the document is generated.
StEP 3 - document Actions

Easily share, edit, copy, and store documents created by Forms2Docs

All user selections captured in the Forms2Docs form and all documents created by our document configuration platform are automatically saved to the cloud-based document automation software. Making changes to an existing document is as easy as selecting 'Edit' and modifying or re-configuring the Form2Docs form fields. Then, select 'Save & Build' to generate the new document version. When ready, users can share the document with others by emailing it directly from Forms2Docs.

How we help

Can our document automation software help your business?

If your business can benefit from two or more of the six items below, you should contact us to discuss. We promise not to waste your time.

Create critical documents 90% faster

Save time, improve productivity, and do more with less by automating with Forms2Docs.

Reduce costly document errors by 75%

Configure important documents based on rules not an error prone "same as except" process.

Expand who can create documents

Enable others (field people, customers, ...) to configure complex documents without any help.

Turn around quotes & pricing 50% faster

Often the company that can turn around quotes and proposals the fastest, wins the most deals.

Electronically capture tribal knowledge

Don't risk losing important company, product, and pricing knowledge when employees leave.

Keep your business fun

Manual processes and unnecessary paperwork can suck the fun out of any business.


90-day brand guarantee

If you're not satisfied with Forms2Docs, you can cancel at any time and we'll refund you the past 90 days of our subscription fees.

“Our company needed an improved way for our clients to easily enter their annual tax information and automatically generate a multipage Tax Organizer document for our use. Forms2Docs document configuration has done this and more. Our clients are no longer frustrated with the cumbersome and non-web-based Excel spreadsheet we had been using. Ron and his team were terrific to work with!”
Dan Duncan, CPA, Tax Principal
CDH Corporation

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All customers get unlimited users. This allows you to extend to whomever you choose, internal users or your customers.

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Forms2Docs is part of Paperwork Pros, Inc. based out of Oak Brook, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

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